My projects are created for the purpose of contemporary visual storytelling with focus on Zulu culture's fiction narrative. All exclusive rights to the images and stories are held by

Zhi Zulu.


Hi,  Zhi Zulu here. What's up? Hope you're good. 

I'm a young, Gold Craft Loerie award-winning illustrator and aspiring graphic novelist from Johannesburg. I enjoy telling stories about my culture in a contemporary way through illustration.  

I completed my Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Visual Communication at the Open Window Institute and I'm currently completing my Masters in Design. I have worked as a graphic artist and illustrator. I've part-taken in a few exhibitions at galleries including David KRUT gallery, the ABSA experience gallery and No End Contemporary Art Space. I am currently

a part of Design Indaba’s Emerging Creatives class of 2019.

Zuluvisual is an illustration studio, a publishing house and an illustrated merchandise producer. It is a multifaceted company I started to address some glaring issues in the education system and to contribute my take on cultural expression.